Extra Mile has been bequeathed a portion of community land in Ober Funkia, a small and quiet part of the Goderich area. We have 5 town plots squeezed between the health centre, the local Fawe Primary School and a cultural centre named 'Diamond Child'.

Mike met with the elders of Goderich during his last visit and the plan to build a new, 'free' secondary school for the very poorest families was approved. These are the early stages and there are many hurdles to get over with regard to Government approval and building permits etc but we hope that these can be dealt with over the next year.

The most important thing is that the land has been given rather than sold and has the backing of all the local elders. All that remains for us to do is to continue our fund-raising and for that we'll need all the help we can get from as many of our friends as possible.

Whilst building commenced in January 2014 we had to suspend operations in August 2014 due to the outbreak of EBOLA, to protect our staff and local villagers nearby. Sierra Leonean schools re-commenced classes in April 2015 and so we were able to continue to build from then. All that remains is to wish us the best of luck for this latest Extra Mile challenge.